Package Design Company in alappuzha

Package Design Company in alappuzha

Package Design

Package Design is a one of the important factor in food company product branding.Every branding expert knows how important it is to create packaging designs that stand out on the shelf, establish customer loyalty and master brand storytelling.

With this thought in mind, marketing and branding professionals are on an endless mission to wrap their products with packaging that’s relevant, modern, and fresh.

But since package design standards are always changing and evolving to match consumer desires, trying to keep up with trends can make it seem like you’re always one step behind.

By looking at the best package design of the past year, one gets a picture of the world today. And if the design trends are an anecdote, the diagnosis is that the patient is overwhelmed. In economics there is an old idea that “every abundance creates a new scarcity.” When one thing becomes popular, there is always a corresponding part that becomes more valuable because it has become rare. A few trendsetters will realize this shift, and start exploiting the scarcity, which grows in popularity until it becomes the new norm, and the cycle repeats. This is “fashion is fickle” read through an economic lens. This is the cycle we are all familiar with: trends coming and going—then coming back. Design is the catalyst driving this cycle. The role of design is to address the woes of the consumer, creating solutions and refreshing ideas. So by reading the design trends we take the pulse of the general public. This is the value in studying trends—and all history: we study the past so we may predict the future.

package design

Today, design’s role is as much about discovering and articulating what is important as it is about shape and structure. Packaging designers must now be experience designers, directing the customer through the storm to a singular experience—because experiences are what today’s customers are after. Packaging designers are now in charge of directing the experience, which leads to a connection with the product and a brand.

The package design of this year focus on shareability. Packaging is no longer simply about packaging the object—it is about the unboxing experience and art directing. This is where the process starts for designers today: you work backward from the Instagram image to the unboxing moment to the design that serves it. This too explains the shift towards basic design: large text spelling simple and straightforward messages, basic shapes making patterns in primary colors. Designers realize that packages are now billboard-like advertisements to be featured in photos and shared across social platforms. Thus, the benefit of a simple clear message stated in large bold letters gets repeated with every new viewer.

In combination with a subdued colour palette or a dash of flashy colours creates packaging that cleverly catches the eye of tomorrow’s shopper. User-friendly design makes the product accessible.

Terms such as sketchy artwork, quirky illustrations, graphical text, illustrative branding and vintage characters are all part of the packaging vibe of tomorrow. It’s a clear-cut trend that’s making its way here from the far north of Europe and is giving packaging design more personality and identity than ever before. It’s less about ‘branding’ and more about ‘personality’. Because in the People-to-People (P2P) business model, the consumer has become the brand.

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